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Modern and robust: Couple Rings made of stainless steel

Friendship rings signify the special bond between two people that are close. They wish to show their love through their jewelry. In contrast to engagement rings and wedding bands the friendship rings tend to be a little more expensive but still look good and showcase your individual style. With its benefits stainless steel is one of the most sought-after metals for friendship rings.

One of the primary advantages of a stainless steel ring is the price. In comparison to silver, gold or platinum, stainless is affordable and strong. The metal is renowned for its strength and durability. These rings are resistant to everyday wear and tear, for example scratches. This is a disadvantage since stainless steel rings aren't able to be altered or reduced later. Allergy sufferers love stainless steel jewelry because it is skin-friendly. However, you must ensure that the nickel content in the material is as low as possible.

If you find stainless steel rings bulky, you may be interested in rings made from silver or white gold. They are a bit more expensive. A bicolor ring of steel with yellow gold or rose gold, or a combination of steel and titanium are also good compromises. Another alternative is a stainless steel friendship ring that has real diamonds. Because of the many different designs and different types of surfaces, from matt to polished, stainless steel rings are just as individual and unique as silver or gold jewelry. Milling and decorative grooves are also very popular as are rings with ion plating, for example in black or gold. Steel is a fairly inexpensive material, which allows for a wide range of affordable and unique designs. This makes the friendship ring a significant and affordable piece of jewelry.

Weddings or engagements aren't the only occasion to show your love by gifting the ring. You don't have to be married or in a relationship to gift someone a ring that says "I respect you both as an individual, as a friend, and human beings" and "I am by your side". The selection of ring options for 2013 is as varied as the preferences. A brief overview of trends in the world of friendship rings in the current season.

The gold and silver classics

While gold is a valuable metal that is used primarily for wedding rings that are traditional, yellow or white gold rings can also be used for friendship rings that are of a high-quality. A simple thin gold band can also look classy. It does not have to be a solitaire ring with the highest-carat stones. Silver rings are less expensive. The drawback: Depending on the alloy, silver and gold rings are more prone to scratches than other metals.

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