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Where Can I Buy 30a Beer

It is Erie Brewing Company's mission to provide the finest hand crafted beer available. As a company, honesty, integrity and Ethical behavior is as important as the beer we brew. A toast to you, our customer.

where can i buy 30a beer

Whether you're on vacation or just clocked out for the day, Grayton Beer 30A Beach Blonde Ale will take you away to good times and sunshine. Classic Noble Hops combine with a nuanced malt sweetness to yield a perfectly balanced, crisp and refreshing beer. This Blonde Ale is what put us on the grid, but when you drink it we hope you feel like you are off of it. Pairing: Summer salad with fruits, nuts, and a light dressing. Also pairs well with ceviche or chips and salsa.

With the largest selection of on-tap draft beer in the Florida Panhandle, Shades knows that whatever your drink, we've got you covered! We also are proud to offer the most current seasonal selections of premium draft beer including local specialty beers such as Grayton 30A Beach Blonde!

The craft beers can be found at restaurants, bars and retailers throughout North Central Alabama. Launch events, tap takeovers and tastings are scheduled as follows, with more to be planned toward the end of the month and into the New Year.

The Pale Ale is classic and all-American, clean in taste and gold in color. This aromatic and complex beer boasts an array of citrus notes from American hops whose character is balanced by a slight malt sweetness and a dry finish.

Redneck Rye-viera is a seasonally brewed harvest ale. Made with three types of rye and fresh crystal hops, the rye spiciness and warming alcohol make this Double IPA perfect for the cooler weather. This beer is brewed with Oregon hops that were shipped to Grayton for brewing within 24 hours of harvest. Brewing this ale with same-day picked hops gives Redneck Rye-viera a floral and herbal aroma with a clean but distinct bitterness.

The Brewpub is outfitted with a 7-barrel small batch system which presents another touchpoint for the Grayton Beer Company brew team, under the direction of Brewers Tyler White and Josh Gauger, for in-depth research and development and education for both the general public and Brewpub employees all while producing creative and unique beers on a smaller system. 041b061a72


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