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Ian Gomez
Ian Gomez

BBEdit 14.6 Extra Quality

The only problem you may run into with this technique comes when you have a caching set up (including Cloudflare), as these services may not recognize that your file has changed. You can either purge the cache by logging into the admin section of your service, or by adding a suffix to your CSS call that gives it a unique name, which alerts the cache service that the file has changed. So, instead of naming your CSS file bbedit.css, you would use something like bbedit.css?version=20221020.

BBEdit 14.6

I installed BBEdit (version 14.6.1 (14D24, 64-bit Intel, sandboxed)) on MacOS 13 (Ventura). In the Application Settings, I allowed "Sandbox Access" - however, I then changed my mind, wanting to be prompted for the folders instead for now. (I know I can go back later to enable the "Sandbox Access" feature.)

I noticed that when I deleted the app without performing the above command, the defaults retained the com.barebones.bbedit key containing the app settings. That's why my preferences remained upon reinstalling BBEdit.

So, to completely remove the app (not part of my original question), I dragged the app to the Trash, ran the command above, and searched system files for and deleted the folders with barebones or bbedit.

The BBEdit 14.6 release features improvements to text rendering, including support for font ligatures, expanded Unicode compatibility, and improved performance. The 14.6.4 update is recommended for all BBEdit 14 customers, and includes improved compatibility with macOS Ventura, fixes for reported issues, and additional performance and stability improvements. Complete details are available in the change notes available on the Help menu, as well as via the product support link on this page. 041b061a72


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