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Ts Offline Decryption Package

Ts Offline Decryption Package

Ts Offline Decryption Package is a set of three programs that can decrypt encrypted DVB transport stream files (*.ts) using the common scrambling algorithm (CSA). DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcasting, which is a standard for transmitting digital television signals. CSA is a symmetric-key algorithm that is used to encrypt and decrypt the audio and video data in DVB streams.

The three programs in the package are:


  • ECMCollector: This program extracts the ECM (Entitlement Control Message) data from the TS file. ECM data contains the information needed to generate the control words (CWs) that are used to decrypt the stream. ECMCollector writes the ECM data to a small file that can be sent to someone who has access to a cardsharing network and a supported MDAPI plugin.

  • CWCollector: This program receives the ECM data file and sends it to the MDAPI plugin, which communicates with the cardsharing network and obtains the CWs. MDAPI stands for Media Data API, which is an interface for plugins that can decrypt DVB streams. Examples of MDAPI plugins are Acamd and vPlug. CWCollector collects the CWs and writes them to another small file that can be sent back to the original user.

  • TSDecryptor: This program receives the TS file and the CW file and uses them to decrypt the stream. It outputs a decrypted TS file that can be played by any media player that supports TS format.

The main advantages of using Ts Offline Decryption Package are:

  • It can decrypt streams that have high smartcard latencies, such as Sk@ UK, without errors or glitches. Smartcard latency is the time it takes for the smartcard to generate a CW after receiving an ECM. High latencies can cause problems in real-time decryption, but not in offline decryption.

  • It can decrypt streams without having direct access to a cardsharing network, as long as someone else can provide the CW file. This can be useful for users who have limited internet bandwidth or who want to avoid legal risks.

  • It can decrypt streams faster than real-time, depending on the speed of the computer and the network. For example, it can take about 15 minutes to decrypt an hour-long recording on a modern PC.

Ts Offline Decryption Package was developed by tsdec, who released it as an open source project under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3). The latest version of the package is 1.98, which was updated in 2015. The package can be downloaded from [SourceForge], where users can also find more information and support.

Another source of information and discussion about Ts Offline Decryption Package is [Sat Universe], which is a forum dedicated to satellite TV enthusiasts. Users can find tips, tutorials, feedback, and updates about the package and other related topics.

Ts Offline Decryption Package is a powerful and reliable tool that can help users enjoy their favorite DVB programs without any hassle or compromise. It is easy to use, fast, and compatible with Windows operating systems.


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