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Download File Wii U USB Helper [VERIFIED]

1) Download the CEMU emulator. When the download completes, you will find a folder containing several files. This folder contains everything you need to be able to properly run The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild on your PC. 2) Open the emulator by double clicking on the CEMU executable. Once open, go to the top left and click on Options. From the drop-down menu, go to the console region and select Europe. Then, from the options menu, go to the console language and click on English to be able to use the game completely in English. 3) In the Options menu, click on Graphics Package and check all the items in the window.

Download File Wii U USB Helper

4) Now we need to go to configure the controller. I have used a PlayStation 3 controller connected with Motionjoy, but if you have an Xbox controller, it also works. The important thing is that it is properly connected and recognized by your PC. Again, go to Options and select Input Settings. A white window will open with a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, select Wii U PRO Controller. A new drop-down menu will open underneath, with the Keyboard option selected and all the buttons with an empty white bar next to them. Click on the second drop-down menu and select the second item under Keyboard. Now you have to go to configure all the buttons. If you want, you can download my configuration here. To use it, just click Import in the Input Configuration window (select the file you just downloaded, click Save and the configuration will be imported).

5) Now it's time to download the game. Search for the best torrent sites to download the torrent file. Once downloaded, open CEMU and go to File. Click on Load and open the game folder. Once inside the ROM folder select the Code subfolder and inside it you will find a file called U-King. That will be the file we have to open. Select it, click on Open and the game will be executed.

As reported in the paragraph where we list all the files to be downloaded beforehand, Wii U Helper USB is no longer functional, but a Reddit user managed to create a launcher able to "bring it back to life".

7.6) Before completing the operation, click on "Download Manager" (on the right side of the program there is a slightly hidden tab indicating the download status) and then select the UNPACK option to directly unzip the files. If the option is not present, once the title download is complete, right click and select Unpack. 041b061a72


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