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Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 |  7-8:15pm CST (UTC/GMT-6)

** $15.00 **

***AVAILABLE - Class Recording will be offered, life happens!  In case you have to miss out LIVE you have a chance to still practice via replay.


*Register via E-transfer to

“Old stories from the past may be reemerging in your conscious mind and your reality during this time to be released and rewritten.  During this time it is super important to drop deeply into the self to release these stories out of the body so you can rise fully born anew in the now”

~ Marissa  
(Star Seeded Marissa is someone I feel connected to and in alignment with and the words below are from her!  Check her out on IG @star.seeded for more magic!)


Let this be your invitation to take some time for a little R&R, self-care and feel refreshed with Kimberly during this 75-minute Restorative Yoga practice with optional Reiki.  Surrender into stillness, be offered healing love & light, release stress and tension and ground into relaxation. Ahhh 💜


The class will be held online via ZOOM!  That's right you can join right from the floor of your bedroom then crawl right into bed if you want too!


Use this time to nurture and acknowledge yourself! 

Cultivate and rest in inner peace to download the wisdom of your experiences, integrate what is meant to be received and let go what is no longer needs to be!

What you need:


  • At least two blankets and 3 pillows. 

  • Yoga mat. 

  • Optional: Bolster, blocks and meditation cushion IF you have them instead of pillows

*Do not feel obligated to purchase anything for this class. What you have in your home is enough and we will explain how to use what you have!!*

The gathering will be hosted Online LIVE through Zoom. 

If you are camera shy, you may turn your video off but I do encourage you to have the video on so if support would like to be received with the posture alignment and prop support


**Tickets are non-refundable. You can transfer to another event if needed within 12hrs of the event.


REMINDER: This offering can be joined from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone via ZOOM.  Zero previous experienced needed.  ALL WELCOME!

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