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to help you start and move through your day with less overwhelm and more PEACE and RESILIENCE! 

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Join us LIVE on Thursdays Mid-day from 12:15 - 12:35m CST SASK. (GMT/UTC-6 Regina)

Find more calm, presence and peace in your day with a practice that will help you to:


  • Reduce your anxieties and stress

  • Move through grief and overwhelm as a result of a major life transition or hard period in your life

  • Find more gratitude without feeling forced

  • Be more kind and compassionate toward yourself

  • Enhance your self-awareness and get to the root of your challenges so that you can move through them in a healthy and healing way

  • Show up to your day with more clarity and confidence and take aligned actions that result in you achieving your desires

  • Feel more energized and focused 

  • Clear your chakras, especially the throat chakra to help you better speak your truth






Life doesn’t have to always feel like you can’t catch up!  Find more acceptance and calm in your days by starting them off with nurturing your mind, body and soul.  

Welcome beloved, 


Like many of you, many times in my life I have experienced things that felt really hard, uncertain, and full of alot of anxiety, doubt, and fears.  By nature, I am a sensitive and intuitive person who wasn't taught how to honour and nourish myself in ways that cultivated the incredible benefits of a deeper connection with myself and my desires until much later in my current life.

Over the years, I found my way back to my innate self through meditation, reiki, and breathwork.  I have created a deep and soulful connection to who I am, what I desire, and now have the ability to move through anything that life throws at me with much more ease and grace.

It is through my own journey and my work with my clients that I developed the Morning GLOW Up.  It is an empowering way to start any day and I am both thrilled and excited to share it with you! 

It has transformed my life - I now experience more peace, joy, kindness as well as self-compassion and I am living my life with purpose, meaning and alignment!  It doesn’t mean that I still don’t experience struggle because I do but now I have powerful tools and my easy to apply 5-step process to help me deal with it in a healthy and healing way.  I’ve grown so much in my business and life as a result.

No matter what life has thrown your way, you are capable of moving through it and coming out on the other side better than ever.  You deserve that and I want to guide you there.

GLOW has been an incredible and transformative practice for me and I am excited to share it with you all!


Ciao for now ✌🏼 






It's a powerful practice you can use anytime to shake up your day using 3 modalities of meditation:


BREATH  ------  AUMing  ------- MOVEMENT


What does GLOW stand for:


G - Grounding with gratitude 

L - Loving and compassionate self-connection

O - 'Ohm'ing & Conscious-connected Breathwork
W - Wholeheartedly committed to becoming Well-connected 

Aum-ing: invoking consciousness

Many find that using chakra toning as a practice can boost awareness, improve concentration and it can help you stay focused.

Think of toning or “ohm”ing (‘AUM’ing) as a tool to help release your mind and balance your energy.  It can make a lot of difference, especially if you have trouble concentrating… getting in the right frame of mind or settling your nervous system.  

The three sounds are also said to represent the three states of consciousness:

  • A is the waking state

  • U is the dream state

  • M is the state of deep sleep

Chanting Aum, or Om, invokes all possible states of consciousness. 


Some Benefits to Ohm include:

1) helping to connect with your true essence.

  • When we chant or tone with the sound of Om, we invoke all that we are on the deepest level. Yoga which means “to yoke,” is the practice of connecting with who you are.

2) The sound and vibration of OM calms the mind.

  • It has a positive and calming effect on the brain and central nervous system. Chanting Om brings you into the present moment and gives you an anchor to remain mindful.

  • This is particularly helpful when you are suffering from “monkey mind syndrome.”  Your mind runs away with you, frantically worrying, planning and getting caught in negative thought patterns. 

  • Om breaks through the chatter and cleanses the negativity, replacing it with a beautiful sense of clarity and unity. It acts almost as a detox for the mind.

3) OM brings you into your body.

  • When you chant the A-U-M sound, the vibrations reverberate through the chest then the throat and skull. This gives you an immediate sensory connection with the energy of the body and can help you to feel more in tune with yourself and your physical temple

4) OM marks the beginning and end of practice.

  • Yes I know our lives can tend to get  busy, chaotic and often stressful and that things like yoga, meditation and chanting can provide valuable opportunities to step away from the noise and distraction and move into mindfulness, concentration and awareness.

  • However, it can be hard to switch immediately from the dynamics of daily life into the focus of a yoga, meditation or chanting practice. Chanting Om can be an effective way to mark the distinction between life and practice. It gives the mind and body a chance to catch up and arrive in the moment.

  • Similarly, at the end of the practice, Om can provide a chance to pause and reflect, allowing for a moment of reflection on what has taken place.

soma movement: Free your mind, move into your body, the source temple of the wisdom and guidance from your soul.


Dancing activates the nerve endings in the feet, helps us move into our bodies and is a deeply healing activity!  Along with the physical exercise benefits, intuitive movement or dance can increase energy and vitality as well as reduce stress levels.  We can literally support ourselves by 'shaking out' tension and worries – and having it inspired by great music helps!


Research has linked dance of all types to wide-ranging physical health benefits including improved cognition, increased mobility, improvements in heart health, reduction in falls among older adults and more.

We'll be encouraged to explore: 

  1. Shaking and rhythmic bouncing to help when you’re feeling lethargic or depressed

  2. Slow swaying to help to soothe and regulate your system

  3. Brushing your hands on your Body, self hug or one hand on heart and one hand on belly when you feel anxiety and self-criticism

  4. Creative ground flow when you are getting stuck in mental loops

  5. Stretching and softening when you’re feeling tight and stiff

  6. Circular movement with the hips to stir up and connect with creative energy and release tension.

  7. Flow with your body like those blow up people at car sales lots to connect with your inner rhythm and flow

  8. Add breath to your movement when you are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded

( P.S. You do not have to be co-ordinated or have experience in dance.  This doesn't even have to look like dance in fact, you can shake, drum on your body, hop, bounce or even stretch and massage your body!  In this session we will also be encouraged to move with eyes closed if there are no underlying conditions that would prevent you from doing so. )

Conscious-Connected Breathwork:  “Life is in the breath. One who half breathes, half lives.” - Chinese proverb 


Breathwork helps to identify and understand the source of ‘dis’- ease in the body and supports the release of physical symptoms. It can unravel relationship/intimacy issues and supports one to embrace, heal old wounds and more

Conscious-connected Breathwork (Clarity Breathwork) is a gentle yet innately powerful breathing process that releases stress from the cells of the body and helps to transform limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Conscious- connected breath is such a vital tool because: 

  • It is one of the most clearly effective methods to access and transform limitations in the subconscious mind and the emotional body. 

  • It supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning and emotions which opens the doors wide for new life and greater awareness.

  • It is something that everyone has access to - if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this message!  

We meet via zoom every Thursday at 12:15 for 15-20 minutes to practice these cleansing and calming meditations that will help bring forward more clarity and confidence and help you move through your day with more ease.


Sign up and gain FREE ACCESS TODAY!

Who is Glow For? 


While anyone can benefit from this work, it is perfect for you if:


  • You deal with a lot of stress, anxiety or depression and want a holistic way to move away from being activated and start your days with more calm and presence in your mind and body.

  • You are going through a life transition big or small (divorce, death, kids growing up, moving, new career) and are feeling heavy emotions that you want support with moving through.

  • You want more clarity and confidence in your days so that you can feel more focused and better about your actions and decisions throughout the day.

  • You want tools to find more kindness and compassion for yourself so that you can show up more at peace with yourself and others.

  • You want to start your days with a greater sense of calm for yourself and your family.

  • You want to increase your energy throughout the day and learn tools you can come back to when things start to get hard again.

Hear from those who have benefited from working with Kimberly:

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Just in case you were wondering...

  • I feel awkward dancing in front of others, can I keep my zoom video off?

    • I totally hear you!  Feeling safe and supported in this space is the top priority.  Being on video is completely OPTIONAL.  Sharing your voice is optional as well and there is a chat box where you communicate and ask questions and still connect with the community as it feels aligned!

  • Is there a replay of the LIVE classes?

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