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Connect with your inner sanctuary.

Bring BALANCE to your life by tuning into your body to re-align, recuperate and re-vitalize your energy!

Are you ready for accessible self-care for busy humans? Keep reading to learn more.

When burning out isn’t an option, but life just keeps getting in the way of taking time for yourself - hearing someone say, “you’ve got to prioritize self-care” often feels defeating. 

So. I’m not going to do that. 

I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Your job, your kids, and all of your responsibilities are priorities for you.


These things are important. 

Feeling guilty about taking time for yourself isn’t going to help you create space in your life to do the things that actually work to help you reduce stress and minimize overwhelm. 

And spending money you don’t have won’t help either. 

Yoga Pose
Here's the thing... 

I know you long to feel better, have more energy or feel less stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. 

And I know that you WISH you had more time for yourself because if you didn’t feel so busy, you might actually have the energy to go to a yoga class or to run yourself a hot bath at the end of a crazy day. 

Browsing smart phone

Instead, you end up doom-scrolling on your phone & crashing without washing your face only to do the exact same thing the next day. 

Hey, I get it - if this is you, there is ZERO shame in coping with overwhelm & stress this way. Especially when most of the alternatives feel like so much work & don’t fit easily into your schedule or around your many household responsibilities. 


You KNOW deep down that if you could just take a few moments for some deep breathing, a yoga practice, a hot bath, or a cup of tea - things would feel better. 

The problem isn’t that you don’t want to do these things - it’s that you just don’t have the time, energy, or money to do them. 

I would love for you to question that thought. 

I don’t think it’s that you don’t have the time, energy or money to take time for yourself. Self-care doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or cost a lot of money. (Capitalism likes us to think that it does so we buy more things we don’t need).

More likely the reason why you are struggling to create space for self-care is because you don't have:

  •  the right kind of support & encouragement

  • the right kind of opportunities

  • access to the kind of self-care that will actually FIT into your life

I see you struggling with creating space for yourself which is why I’ve made it my mission to create something that makes it simple to fit self-care into your life without sacrificing the time you need for your responsibilities. 

Imagine if it was easy for you to take time for yourself WITHOUT adding to the overwhelm. 

Guided Meditation


RECOUP is a low-cost, monthly membership that gives you everything you need to fill your cup - in a way that works for your life.


Recoup doesn’t take up a lot of your time and allows you to fully customize how much you want or can commit to the program each month. Inside Recoup you’ll find practices that take as little as 15 minutes up to a full hour - you get to decide what works for YOU! 


When you take the time to charge your batteries and refuel your heart and soul, everything else can flow with more ease.  And when inevitable challenges do arise,  you’ll have a greater capacity to hold space within yourself to navigate them more easily. 

All of our live sessions, with the exception of our monthly Satya, will be recorded so that you can watch them anytime and as many times as you’d like throughout the season in our membership portal.

Forest Path
I have never felt so connected to my body and myself in this way before!  And this deep connection created a feeling of safety within! A safe space for me to connect and flow with what needed to be seen, what needed to be felt, what needed to be forgiven and also what was ready to be released or set free! It came so naturally, with more ease and compassion within the loving and safe space that Kimberly had guided me to connect to within myself and sacredly held for us too



A deeper look at what we do inside RECOUP.


GLOW Classes 

The GLOW classes happen every Thursday at 12:15pm CST.  This class will help you reduce anxiety and manage stress while cultivating genuine gratitude and self-compassion. After class, you can expect to show up to your day feeling energized, focused and have more clarity and confidence to move through your day feeling aligned with your heart's desires.


Group Elemental Breathwork

Elemental Breathwork is a series of Conscious-Connected Breath patterns that connect us with the 5 elements within us and around us.  It allows for a deepened awareness and connection with self, others and nature to develop.  This provides the groundwork for profound personal development. Join live once a month to breathe in community or practice using the replays in our membership portal anytime you want.


Restorative Yoga & Reiki 

We practice restorative yoga & Reiki together once a month and you'll have access to the recordings so that you can repeat the practice anytime you feel like you need to connect with  your body, relax deeply and receive healing reiki energy.


Group Satya Sharing Call

Join me for a group conversation centred around speaking your Truth. This call is an opportunity to tap into the collective power of our community & the healing energy of sharing our hearts with one another.

The best thing about RECOUP is that you’ll be joining from the comfort of your own home. No need to add miles to the car, or increase the fuel bill. After practice, you can slip right into your next task, morning or evening routine WITHOUT taking up more time commuting back and forth to a physical location!

About your Guide: 

Hi, I'm Kim! 

I’m an Elemental Breathwork Practitioner, Tibetan Usui Reiki Master, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Yoga Instructor, CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Soma Soul Sanctuary.

My mission is to teach you simple and accessible self-care tools that you can use anytime to manage overwhelm and feel less stress and more joy in your life! 


I come to this work through my own lived experience of healing overwhelm and trauma and in doing so developed a passion for sharing the modalities that have transformed my life.

This is how RECOUP was born!


From wanting nothing more but to feel better but also feeling like I didn’t have capacity to show up for myself to get there, I was stuck in an overwhelm/trauma loop for so long that it consumed everything that I had!  I mean everything!  My energy, time, health, patience, money, my ability to do day to day tasks and my overall zest for life!  I was exhausted all the time and sometimes even the thought of scheduling anything else, even if it was going to make me feel better, simply felt like too much!

I knew I couldn’t keep going this way, something had to change but it needed to happen in a way that my system could receive.  This meant taking small steps that were do-able no matter my energy levels or the state of my nervous system.  And because we can never know what our capacity will be when the waves wash in, it is also crucial that the support practices and tools we turn to are of varying lengths and accessible anytime and anywhere! 


Growing up on a farm and rural small town community without regular access to Self-care support, I became even more passionate about making these tools more available to those in rural communities and the investment value being accessible. (Karma Exchange rates can be applied for if truly needed - request to apply)

My job is to be your support for creating space for self-care.  I’ll be guiding you through the live practices & checking in regularly with notes of encouragement.

Untitled design (1).jpg

“I’m really digging being able to tune into your breathwork whenever I want with the replay! I have listened to some of the practices at least three times in the last week!”


Here's what you can expect to experience in your life after joining RECOUP:

  • Better able to sleep

  • More resilience

  • A feeling of Calmness & Contentment

  • A felt sense of safety in your body

  • A feeling of deep relaxation

  • More capacity for joy

  • A sense of being nurtured by yourself and the community

  • Ability to establish healthy boundaries to manage your time & energy

  • Overall feeling of a more balanced mind, body & soul

  • Improved connection to Self-awareness and Self-regulation

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence

  • More Joy

  • Decreased stress and activations from stressors 

  • Better ability to manage anxiety & depression

Join RECOUP today for just $27/month 

Recoup is a monthly membership with new content being added every week - stay for as long as you’d like and cancel anytime.



  • Discount on 1:1 services like Reiki or private breathwork sessions 

  • Guest speakers, materials  & opportunities to learn

Join RECOUP Today! On SALE! 




  • Weekly Thursday noon hour GLOW Classes where we’ll tone your chakras, move your body & breathe together 

  • Group Satya (truth) Sharing Call 

  • Group Elemental Breathwork Sessions to unwind conditioning and support mental clarity and overall well-being 

  • Restorative Yoga Classes with Reiki to deeply relax your body and mind 

  • Discount on 1:1 services 

  • Access to special guest workshops


1)  Who is RECOUP for?

RECOUP is open to anyone who wants to create space in their busy life for accessible & affordable self-care practices.

2)  What kind of commitment can I expect to give this program?

The more you show up to the practices the more they will show up for you. I would recommend starting slow by joining the LIVE offerings during the month.

3)  I'm new to meditation and breathwork, will this work for me?

YES!! There is zero experience needed or prerequisites for this membership.

4)  Will I be expected to be on camera?

Not unless you are ready to be! We create a safe sanctuary to be seen, heard and held and encourage you to be seen but never will force anyone to speak or be on camera.

RECOUP is a safe space for you to show up exactly as you are!  No matter what you are moving through you will be received with love and without judgment.

5)  Why aren't the Satya calls recorded? 

To create safety!  This is a sacred space and an opportunity to express one's truth.  Being recorded in this space doesn’t create a sense of safety for everyone.  All other replays will be available for 4 months!

“I'm really loving this membership. I've never done anything like this before and it's been exactly what I've been needing.”


Join today for $27/month

Image by Artem Kovalev



  • Weekly Thursday noon hour GLOW Classes where we’ll tone your chakras, move your body & breathe together 

  • Group Satya (truth) Sharing Call 

  • Group Elemental Breathwork Sessions to unwind conditioning and support mental clarity and overall well-being 

  • Restorative Yoga Classes with Reiki to deeply relax your body and mind 

  • Discount on 1:1 services 

  • Access to special guest workshops

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