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What is Clarity Breathwork?

Breathwork is the quickest way to change our perception, release trauma & break compulsive patterns. Almost 70% of all toxins found in the body are expelled through exhaling, making breathwork one of the most effective and natural ways to detox the body. It actually increases the oxygen levels in the brain by 20 to 25%


The breath is our connection to life and the bridge between our mind & body. Breath is the first & last thing we do in our life cycle.

Each session is designed with compassion, love & grace which allows our attention to be turned inward into the breath. During our session, you will be guided through breathwork for about 45-60 minutes and it can provide a vast range of energy, emotion, awarenesses, and dimensions of consciousness which one navigates through consciously.


This session creates a profound energy where healing, awakening, insight, and truth naturally emerge. Many people expressed Breathwork Session is the most powerful session they have experienced as it's so simple, and they are the ones leading the journey from within! It can leave a person with a deep sense of empowerment, remembering the power of your own breath as a healing instrument.


Breathwork has allowed me to re-root in my power, into my true essence while accepting all the phases and layers within my being.   

It has allow me to forgive self and others, while elevating into a higher level of understanding, compassion & love.

Breathwork has and still is offering life altering insights which have build a foundation for a type of knowingness, passion & CLARITY I had only dreamed to reach someday!


Committing to this practice continues to offer deep clarity and understanding of myself on a whole new dimension and an embodied knowing of what my purpose is!  


Breathwork has guided me in learning how to best to serve others and it fills me with excitement, passion for life & the courage to live it to my fullest!

- Kimberly Michelle

Breathwork Offerings


Get ready for a journey within your body, mind, and soul through the power of  B R E A T H.

Next Subscription BEGINS January 7th, 2021

Offered ONCE per year!  Limited spaces are available. 


A private session will assist you in accepting all the phases and layers within your being. 

Book your distance Breathwork Healing session today!

1 hr 30 min


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