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( Next LIVE Webinar TBA)

In this webinar you will learn:


My 5-step framework to overcome overwhelm so that it doesn't hold you back from your full potential.  It is a tool that will help you help yourself...and there is nothing more liberating and empowering than that!

What overwhelm is actually telling you and how to use this to break through limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour holding you back. 

An introduction to breathwork as tool to use to work through overwhelm.  We will actually have a chance to implement and practice at the end!

Stay until the end for a chance to win a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the 4 month FYS Breathwork Mastermind and other prizes.

Meet Kimberly:


I was 5 when I experienced the death of my beloved Grandpa and learned how to avoid my feelings.  Throughout the rest of my life, I experienced more deeply sad and traumatic times and instead of holding space for myself and moving through the experience in a healthy and healing way, I avoided, numbed, and ran away from myself.


It resulted in abusive behaviours towards myself and others, anxiety, depression and a life filled with an unsettling I could never actually rid myself of no matter how hard I tried.


This led to my deteriorating health so bad that at 27 years old, I ended up in the Mayo clinic with over 25 symptoms of chronic illness. My mind, body and soul were not in good shape.  It was in this place that I started myhealing journey.


Throughout my healing journey, I read all the books, took all the courses, did all the yoga and meditation work with admittedly some success but it wasn’t until I actually learned about the power of breath that my true transformation began.  


It was through the learning and implementation of Clarity Breathwork that I was able to flip the script on my life fully - it was the bridge to harmonize the healing I had been doing! 


I learned that we don’t heal through our conceptual mind or mindset, although it’s an important step, but we heal through our physiology - OUR BODY and the key to unlocking that healing is always with you… 



Within this transformation and everything I teach and hold space for in the FYS Breathwork Mastermind, I’m now able to process my emotions instead of avoiding or running from them.  


I now can hold a very deeply compassionate and loving space for myself as well as others in the most adverse AND the most precious moments!  It has given me the strength to face and process all that unravels as it comes instead of pushing it down and dealing with it in an unhealthy way - drinking, eating poorly, numbing out on TV, fighting with my partner, having no boundaries, and hating myself instead of loving myself.  

It has allowed me to come back to focus and clarity from my busy brain and it has given me the strength and courage to show up for myself, for whatever life’s journey bring


I transformed myself and have helped several other women do the same following my 5 part framework: Own - process - flip - anchor - integrate.


These are the 5 essential areas I educate and provide breath practices, chakra support and reflections to help you find your power and light and show up in the world going after what you truly desire with more ease and confidence.  


FREE WEBINAR: 5-Steps to Overcome Overwhelm and a breathwork practice that you can use to feel empowered and liberated when it does arise!


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