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with open & warm hearts to join our community!!! 

Monthly Themes featuring Group Clarity Breathwork, Weekly GLOW UP Classes, Games, Giveaways & More!

You are invited into this FREE community where you will be offered a safe space to be held, heard, seen and celebrated as you curiously explore somatic mind, body, soul tools to open and deepen your connection with your internal and external environment.

Welcome Beloved!


Like many of you, many times in my life I have experienced things that felt really hard, there was alot of uncertainty, anxiety, doubt, and fears.  By nature, I am a sensitive and intuitive person who wasn't taught how to honour and nourish myself in ways that cultivated the incredible benefits of a deeper connection with myself and my desires until much later in my life.

Over the years, I started to find my way back to my innate self through meditation and yoga but even more so through reiki, cacao and Clarity Breathwork.  I have created a deep and soulful connection to who I am, what I desire, how to express, support and regulate my energy which gives me the ability to move through anything that life throws at me with more courage, ease and grace.


I look forward to sharing parts of that journey with you and sharing some of my go-to tips, tools and practices that have helped on my path no matter what life wanted to thrown my way!  

You're capable of more than you give yourself credit for and that's a big part of what this community is about, helping one another see the beauty, strength and light within and help you shine to full capability. 

We all deserve that and the other big thing this community is about - SUPPORT!  

We can't do it alone!  Let's do this together!

Look forward to seeing you in the Soma Soul Sanctuary Online Private Community - Until then...


Ciao for now ✌🏼 





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Soma Soul Sanctuary Online Private Community

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