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Monthly Moon Magick

 Why practice restorative yoga with reiki?  What can it do for me?

It Let's You Unwind...

Restorative yoga and reiki were the VERY FIRST practices I committed to on my spiritual journey and they played a foundational role in bringing my energy and Central Nervous System back towards balance.  With each practice, my system feels soothed and relaxed yet empowered with a deeper sense of clarity, drive and passion to move forward!


Reiki and restorative yoga, along with acknowledgement of the seasons and lunar cycles proved to be a guiding light to deep self-connection through reflection.  Theses practices have helped me cultivate compassion through forgiveness and release while EMPOWERING me to commit to and live my truth with peace of mind.

This is where you cultivate self-compassion & love, forgiveness and rejuvenation to ignite your personal POWER!


What is this offering?  Join Sarah Bella founder of Tantra Magick Wellness & Kimberly Michelle founder of Soma Soul Sanctuary as we guide you to dive inwards for an evening of healing, self-love, restorative yoga & energy balancing.

This offering is for ANYONE who experiences the following:


  • Feelings of constant or consistent tightness or tension stored in your muscles such as low back, neck and shoulders

  • Feelings of not being enough, overwhelm or exhaustion

  • Feelings of ‘can I hit a re-set button please’?


This offering is for ANYONE who wants/wanders the following:


  • How do I create more ease for my day to day? 

  • How do I cultivate inner peace & sanctuary?

  • How do I make PRACTICAL, tangible and quick shifts to my productivity and life purpose? 

  • How do I incorporate more spirituality into my life?

  • How do I show up in relationships as LOVE, with SELF RESPECT & A CLEAR picture of who I am?



• Restorative Yoga 

• Reiki

• Community & Support

* Event REPLAY accessable


Future 2020 dates at 7:30PM (GMT-6):

Thursday, October 15th

Sunday, November 15th

Tuesday, December 15th

~ 3 for $75 +gst

~ 1 for $30 +gst

* Although we encourage you to set aside time to join us live, these monthly offerings will be recorded and available for replay

​** QUESTIONS?  Please email


Kimberly Michelle

Sarah Bella

This offering can be joined from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone via ZOOM.  Zero previous experienced needed.  ALL WELCOME!

Invite a friend by sharing this link
Phone: (306) 540-8889

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