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Free Online Group Breathwork Session - O

Conscious Connected Breathwork

This year more than ever, people have been purchasing clothes, supplies or services from an online store!

Do you recall the first time you considered doing something online for the first time? Were you somewhat hesitant about buying something personal from a store or person you knew little about?

And, after you made the purchase, did a little voice in your head or even friends question your decision to buy something you really weren’t sure would fit you, work properly or be in alignment for you?

Why is the above relevant you might be wondering? Because no one wants to be stuck with a product that doesn’t work properly or join a program or work with a professional that’s not quite the right fit. 

Make it easier on yourself before you commit!

Get a taste of what to expect before committing to the full 6-Month Free Your Soul Breathwork Mastermind.


What you need:

  • At least one blanket and two or more pillows. 

  • Headphones if available 

  • Water

  • Yoga mat *if you wish

  • Paper and pen 

*Do not feel obliged to purchase anything for this class. What you have in your home is enough and we will explain how to use what you have!*

The gathering will be hosted LIVE through Zoom. If you are camera shy, you may turn your video off but I do encourage you having the video ON so I can support you more deeply during our session.

*Sessions are not recorded. 

Upcoming Dates

Thursday November 12th @ 7:30pm (GMT-6)

All events are FREE but registration is required.

Thursday December 3rd @ 7:30pm (GMT-6)

Bonus offer: Kundalini lead by Brittany Reid

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