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Aiden Gonzalez
Aiden Gonzalez

Reiki Karuna

Prerequisites: Karuna Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. Please email Dr. Chris at or call 808-783-1046 with your qualifications. Note that Dr. Lipat will be leaving O'ahu in the Spring of 2023. Those who would like to continue their training can reach out to other White Light Reiki masters attuned by Dr. Lipat.

Reiki Karuna

We are your one-stop shop for the greatest quality orgone karuna reiki sets available online. With our user friendly website and fast shipping, you can get your hands on the perfect reiki set in no time.

The orgone karuna reiki set is made up of seven crystals, each with its unique properties. These crystals' combined power will help unblock energy pathways and facilitate spiritual healing.

There are five different types of healing methods in reiki, including Tibetan reiki, Karuna reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Western reiki and Celtic reiki. Each type of healing has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the other.

For example, Tibetan reiki may carry with it an ability to strengthen your immune system while Western Reiki enhances your intuition. While each type has unique characteristics that define them from other methods, they can all be effective in treating health issues like depression and anxiety.

Tibetan reiki is a kind of Reiki that has roots in Tibetan Buddhism. It involves healing by focusing on oneself, others, or a specific chakra. The focus can be on health, spirituality, or general well-being. Some practitioners like to combine reiki with other forms of energy work such as acupressure and even acupuncture.

I did not originally intend to create a new system of reiki. But around 1989, I was given non-Usui reiki symbols and attunement techniques, which were claimed to be beneficial. I filed these symbols, including the attunement process.

In 1993, I gathered my best students, many of whom were spiritually sensitive, and came up with a set of symbols that seemed to have the best energy. Later, I was guided to further develop the attunement process. This finally evolved into a new system of reiki called Karuna Reiki. Karuna means compassion. While some of the symbols in Karuna Reiki are also used in other systems of reiki, the attunement and intention is different.

Many reiki masters allege that the newer forms such as Karuna Reiki dilute the purity of the system and are aimed at a new USP since reiki masters are a dime a dozen. Karuna Reiki gives more flexibility and allows reiki masters to be better healers. The eight symbols are like eight additional healing tools with stronger vibrations. That is why I only teach it to those who are already Usui reiki masters. It is the next step for an Usui master.

Mrs Takata, the person from whom most reiki masters derive their lineage, taught reiki mastership in a weekend. Reiki is simple to learn and requires 20 hours. I recommend a set of guidelines in selecting a reiki master. You can ask your reiki trainer the following questions:

Some of the reiki symbols are Japanese Kanji. Symbols from Tibetan Buddhism are also from the Tibetan alphabet. By showing them only to those who have been initiated, the sacredness is preserved. This is between the individual and the symbol, so even if others reveal them publicly, the sacredness is not disturbed. 041b061a72


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