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After being a member of Cheryl Burke-led reformed dance troupe The Irreplaceables, Kendall starred in the 2019 movie Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time. She also set her eyes on the music industry, Kendall K's list of singles including the 2017 track "Where Would I Be Without You." As for her friendships with the girls, Kendall had a "family reunion" with co-stars Maddie Ziegler and Nia Sioux in 2019 before meeting up with Brooke Hyland and Paige Hyland last June.

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The dancer's music career began with her 2014 album, Mack Z. In 2018, she released her second album titled Phases. That same year, the singer was a finalist on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors and launched her own cosmetics line called "Love, Kenzie." But her most recent endeavor was a group project, Sia agreeing to join her on the 2020 track "Exhale." A song "about needing to just breathe and have a party," as Kenzie put it to People, "I sent her the demo and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, I love this song so much.' I wrote the song, but I wasn't sure if I was going to release it, and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, if you don't release it by yourself, I'll take it from you or I'll just be on it with you.'" Expect more dance bangers in the future, with Kenzie telling the outlet an EP is in the works: "I have lots of songs that I've done, but I'm still trying to figure out which ones are my favorite. So after quarantine is over, I'm definitely going to be back in the studio."

Now based in L.A., the dancer, actress and entrepreneur shares a new YouTube video with fans every Friday where she gets "to show you beauty, challenges, collaborations, and my life!" She also launched an exclusive dress collection for Promgirl. And, yes, she still considers the dance studio her "happy place."

"If it was so toxic, why did you keep doing it?" Miller questioned in a 10-minute YouTube video in which she reacted to Ziegler's latest feature on the cover of Cosmopolitan. "I had to. I tried to quit, many a time, and I was forced to come back to set because I signed a contract. News flash, the kids, the original cast, never had a contract. The moms had a contract, but the kids, well nobody wanted to pay the money and go through the process, so they were just kind of there on a handshake."

The 19-year-old dancer and actress spoke to the publication about her experience with fame, beginning with her days on the reality show, where she was first thrust into the public eye. When asked if she considered quitting at any point during the six seasons she was on the show, Ziegler said yes.

The 56-year-old went on to address specific quotes from Ziegler in which the teen said she was made to feel "less than" if she didn't leave a competition with a trophy. She also alleged that Miller wouldn't allow her dance students to be friends with competitors.

In the photo, Miller, who underwent a second back surgery over the summer, smiled brightly while sitting in a wheelchair. Her dance company's logo is depicted in the background. "Grrrrrrrr!!!! Back to the daily grind. Comment if you can guess what we're shooting today?" she wrote alongside the snapshot.

Lifetime confirmed the reality star would return to Dance Moms for Season 8 despite Miller's battle with Burkitt lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that forms cancer within a person's B-cells Miller was diagnosed with in April. A casting announcement released in July said Miller was looking to discover "serious competitive dancers and their moms."

"The most infamous dance instructor in the world is going back to her roots and only interested in parents who are ready to take their kids to the next level," said in a statement. "Abby Lee Miller is currently holding auditions for her new ALDC elite competition team. Dancers must be MINIS 7-9 or JUNIORS 10-12. All must be serious about competing and winning on a national level."

No doubt at some point your parents have been asked to participate in the making or adjusting of costumes for your dance recitals or competitions. Whether this meant sewing on sequins, adjusting straps or making a full tutu from scratch, these things did not magically happen on their own.

Eating right is an essential component to being a strong and successful dancer, so make sure you thank your parents every time they make you breakfast, pack you lunch or have a delicious meal waiting for you when you finish class.

Dancing should be the right of every human on the planet, but it is truly a privilege to be able to formally learn. Never take for granted what an incredible gift it is to be able to dance. Thank your parents today for allowing you to chase a dream that so many others are not fortunate enough to pursue! 041b061a72


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