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Where To Buy Car Headlights

If you notice that the light emanating from your headlights is a lot less clear than it once was, chances are your vehicle is suffering from foggy headlights. Sometimes drivers will also notice that their headlights are not only a lot less bright, but also that the light has a yellowish, dingy tinge to it. This is also caused by headlight fogging.

where to buy car headlights

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The reason for headlight fogginess is a bit scientific. Most headlight lenses these days are made from a thick plastic comprised of polycarbonates. Unlike the glass lenses that were used in older cars, these plastic lenses are much more scratch-resistant and durable. However, over time, as this polycarbonate plastic is exposed to UV rays from the sun, the outer layers begin to break down and degrade. These changes cause the lenses to absorb blue light from the bulbs and cause a less potent, yellowish light to be emitted. The good news, however, is that cleaning foggy headlights is fairly easy.

If the electrical system to your car headlights is aging, or your car headlights are burnt out, come into your local Firestone Complete Auto Care store where one of our expert technicians will replace your car headlights with the best bulbs for your vehicle and inspect the electrical connections to the headlights.

Firestone Complete Auto Care proudly stocks popular headlight brands that are industry leaders in headlight technology. With major brands such as Sylvania headlight bulbs, the road ahead is illuminated far and wide, ensuring maximum visibility no matter the hour. Sylvania headlights are engineered for increased brightness, whiteness, peripheral visibility and down-road visibility.

Halogen bulbs and sealed beam headlights have very fine tungsten wire filaments inside that emit light when heated. Even under ideal conditions, the filament can break, leaving you in the dark. Vibration caused by driving over rough roads, potholes and bumps will reduce the filament lifespan.

When starting your vehicle, either by turning the key or pushing the start button, many vehicles will divert electrical power from any accessories that are on in order to deliver maximum power to the starter motor. If you turn your headlights on before starting your vehicle, the lights will turn off and then come back on when the engine starts. This rapid on-off-on cycle may shorten headlight bulb life.

If you are a bit more hands-on and are able to check your headlights yourself, you can remove the headlight and take a look at the bulb. The fitting information will be stated on the bulb casing e.g., 'H7'. Take a look at this example:

If you want a quick fix for cleaning foggy headlights or how to clean oxidized headlights, then the WD-40 product is a great option. However, it might not prove to be a suitable long-lasting solution for headlight restoration.

In addition to purchasing an at-home headlight restoration kit or booking a professional cleaning, CleanTools has listed several DIY processes you can take to maintain the high visibility of your headlights for maximum safety on the road.

Anyone trying to score a quality headlight at a discount auto part store should know right off the bat what type of headlight their vehicle specifically needs. There are essentially three different types of vehicle headlights, which include:

Before you start sanding away to restore your headlights, apply masking or painter's tape around the headlight area. Two strips of tape are usually enough. If you feel insecure even after using tape, you can always remove your headlights, but this will be a lot of work.

With the cloudy layer gone, your headlights will now be clearer and looking almost new again. If you want to get that showroom sparkle back, you'll need to clean and polish them. Wipe the surface using alcohol and paper towels to removing sanding debris, and then rub in your polishing compound with a flannel polishing cloth using consistent motions for an extra shine.

Alternatively, if you want to use your power tools, you can also buff and polish your headlights using a cotton buffing wheel on an angle grinder or a felt polishing wheel with an angle grinder or die grinder. Instead of a polishing compound, you would use a blue rouge buffing compound bar with these kinds of buffing wheels. Just make sure you run it on a low setting that won't heat the plastic surface too much which could cause damage to the headlamp.

Although sanding your headlights is a somewhat easy and efficient way to restore headlights, it's not something you want to have to do all the time. If you want to remove the cloudy look for a long time, you'll need to finish off this project with a UV sealant.

Similar to toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar are incredibly versatile products. While cleaning auto headlights, baking soda breaks down the contaminants, while vinegar efficiently removes the grime.

Mix one part baking soda with one part vinegar to create a fizzy paste. Rub the paste on your headlights, let it sit for a few minutes, and then use a soft cloth to wipe it away. You will have shinier headlights in no time.

For this method, first, wipe off your headlights to remove dust and other debris. Apply some hot water and dish soap, and leave it to sit for a few minutes. Wipe in circular, consistent motions, and rinse. Repeat the steps as needed.

Headlight restoration is a project you can handle yourself on a slow Sunday afternoon by following the tips above. However, keep in mind some of the DIY headlight restoration techniques are only effective for a short while. Sanding is the best option to restore headlights permanently.

We have over 19,000 different headlights and related items in stock, for sale right now! You can find everything you need from the comfort of your home. We have complete light assemblies, and repair parts including sealed beams, lenses, inserts and much more. Need headlight washer system parts? We have those too. Seals, gaskets, trim pieces or bulb holders?

We carry all types of headlights. Halogen lights have a filament surrounded by halogen gas. They are OEM on many vehicles, and are durable and inexpensive. Xenon is the next step up in headlight technology. They are filled with xenon gas and have a special high-intensity filament. LEDs are the very latest technology. They are solid state, shock-proof and draw very little power to produce a very bright light. DRL, daytime running lights, are also important for your safety. Yes! We do have those too.

We carry headlights in these popular brands: HELLA, TYC, Loro, Ulo, Magnetti Marelli, Vemo, Valeo, Vaico, Depo, Topran and more! Plus OEM from top names like BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Volvo, Skoda, Seat and others as well. We carry the best quality names for good looking, long lasting beauty. We also have our very own house brand, Cars245, which are very attractive and fit right.

Offering brightness, longevity and style, Philips car headlights come in an extensive range of bulbs. Whether using Xenon or Halogen technology, Philips car headlights are designed to give you the utmost quality and performance in any condition.

In four easy steps, consumers can achieve professional results with no power tools needed. The Philips Headlight Restoration Kit takes the haze away, restoring the headlights to like-new condition and finish.

Similar to the Sylvania restorer kit, Mothers NuLens did an excellent job in repairing our sun-damaged headlight lenses. Where this brand excels is instruction clarity and volume of materials, since we probably could have taken on a few more headlights after our first batch.

Cerakote did well restoring one of the foggiest headlights we threw at it. Similar to the Sylvania packaging, each step of the process is clearly labeled, and the kit even comes with two gloves (other kits typically include only one).

That said, finishing two headlights took almost an hour. Other options on our list included more materials, and we managed to finish the job in less than 15 minutes. However, if you want a single-step headlight restorer, Chemical Guys is hard to pass up.

Consumers really enjoy how easy the Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer is to use, and they appreciate the amount of product you get for your money. Those critical of the product report less-than-satisfactory results, with fogginess returning to their headlights sooner than expected. For a detailed look at our testing process, check out our in-depth review of this headlight restorer here.

Restoring your headlights can be fairly difficult, and you may have to repeat the cleaning process a few times to get your desired results. Using a drill attachment can speed up the process, but you may have trouble cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as corners. At any rate, you should probably block off a few hours for restoring your headlights.

Our review team identified the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit as the best headlight restoration kit for repairing sun-damaged headlights. We saw noticeable results after a single application, and the product is priced affordably.

Professionals may use a variety of methods to restore yellowed headlights, but the process involves some of the same steps you would use with a DIY restoration kit. The process will likely involve sanding, polishing the headlamp, and adding a protective coating.

Using several grades of high-quality sandpaper is the most effective way to restore clarity to headlights, short of buying a new set of lenses. Polish with UV protection and a compound washer also helps.

To find out which headlight restore kit is the best, I chose six of the top sellers and tested them on Buddy and a pal's 2008 Subaru Outback. The Subie's headlights were not very cloudy, so I opted to try two kits that don't require a drill for sanding, using one kit for each headlight. To conquer Buddy's hazy headlight lenses I picked four kits and divided each lamp in half. These kits are more robust and require more than just elbow grease.

In many cases, the results were impressive, and Buddy's and Subie's dull headlight are now a thing of the past. So, if you're ready to leave yellowed headlights in the rearview mirror and aren't afraid to grab a buffing pad and put some work in, you'll be seeing brighter clear headlight in no time. I will also add that I didn't try these products on taillights or directional lights. Just the headlights. 041b061a72


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