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The show's second and final season was emotional, with April's new husband, Leo, dying in his sleep soon after their wedding, and April finding out that her cancer had returned. In the show's 2015 finale, April is told that the clinical trial she is participating in has been ineffective, and that she could try chemotherapy and other avenues of treatment, but that they might not work. So April decides to move to Italy and live out the rest of her days drug-free. And that's it!

The show's final season ended in 2011 with Jonathan, the struggling writer/private investigator, finally finding his dad (a sperm donor) and discovering that his father is also the father of his girlfriend, Rose, played by Isla Fisher. Audiences thought he was going to come clean about their shared heritage, but instead, Jonathan keeps it a secret and kisses her. Roll the credits.

No Ceilings [free download, 2010]"Mickey Mouse cheese, hip-hop Walt Disney [money-and-status, get it?], sheesh gosh Oshkosh B'Gosh [three kids under two, don't ask]/Smoking on that Bob Marley [gotta have kaya], listening to Peter Tosh [don't you watch his size, he's dangerous]." Pretty rich, yet far from the finest lines on his best mixtape since "The Carter III," and farther from the funniest. They're merely consecutive ones I could quote whole without distracting asterisks--the river of scat jokes, the garlands of garden tools, and the off-rhyme with "grandma's cookies" you'll have to transcribe on your own. Squinting at jail time and offering a welcome alternative to his underrated rock album, he recycles beats from Dirty South throwaways whose originals you need never think of again, shows Fabolous how fabulous the "Throw It in the Bag" remix might have been, holds his own with Jay-Z and the Black Eyed Peas, and eases the title onto every track. He believes you can fly. But not as much as he believes he can fly. If only he was right. A-

Portsmouth Community Concerts brings the Sons of Serendip to Churchland High School Friday, April 22, 2022. In this issue of Let's Talk Portsmouth, we sat down with lead vocalist Micah Christian, and members of the Portsmouth Community Concerts board Ken Woolard and Susan Kalan, for a discussion on the Sons of Serendip's music, upcoming concerts, and more. Sons of Serendip appeared on America's Got Talent and were season 9 finalists. Howie Mandel of America's Got Talent, said of the vocal/instrumental quartet, ". . . most musically talented contestants on the show." Just for our listeners, we've snagged a snippet of the Sons of Serendip's Fields of Gold. Single adult tickets for the concert are $25 each and free for students. Order tickets at or call 757-686-5447.

This episode we discuss: Heath & Safety flowers, Panto season, valentines day, Sharon's big plan, Murder on the way, Hunters real dad, Les & Pam, The carter family, Whitney in Half love, Goodbye Abbie, Robbie and Donna on the run, Lauren Leaving, Julias Theme, Tanya fairwell, What if Abbie lived, time up for Max, Max redemption, Samosa's, The Taylors, predictions for Stacey & Martin.


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