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Kitab Tauhid Az Zindani Pdf Download

Kitab Tauhid Az Zindani PDF Download

Kitab Tauhid is a book that discusses the Islamic creed of monotheism, based on rational and scriptural sources. It exposes the falsehood of the disbelievers, the doubts and the lies that they spread. It covers the topics of the six pillars of faith, which are the belief in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, the Day of Judgment and the divine decree.

Kitab Tauhid Az Zindani Pdf Download

The author of this book is Sheikh Abdul Majid Aziz az-Zindani, a Yemeni scholar and politician who is known for his scientific research and his involvement in the Islamic revival movement. He has written many books and articles on various aspects of Islam, such as Quranic miracles, Islamic history, jurisprudence and theology.

If you are interested in reading this book, you can download it in PDF format from the following links:

  • : This link provides a free PDF download of the book from an academic platform. You can also view the full PDF online or download related papers on the same topic.

  • : This link provides a PowerPoint presentation of the first chapter of the book. You can view it online or download it as a PPT file.

  • : This link provides a PDF or TXT file of the book. You can view it online or download it as a file.

We hope that you will benefit from reading this book and learn more about the Islamic creed of monotheism. May Allah guide us all to the truth and protect us from falsehood. Ameen.


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