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Ian Gomez
Ian Gomez

VBS2 US Army Lite

This is where it gets confusing. Inside the JCOVE folder we have 12 parts of 7zip files, 1 setup, 1 jpeg, 1 readme and 1 vbs2.ico file. Should I install the game using the setup? Should I extract the 7zip files? I tried to install the game using the setup file first, and leave the 7zip files for later. Install complete, I go to the folder where it is installed and double click the game, and I get an error that says 'Data file too short 'vbs2\addons\anims.xbo'. Tried all the compatibility settings, nothing works. Next, I had to figure out how to extract those 12 parts using 7zip. First you need to select all the 12 parts, right click on the part 1 with all parts selected, click 7zip and then click extract files. I choose the destination on a new folder called "JCOVE (7zip)", and extracted everything there. Once the extraction seems to be completed I see some "Data errors" on the extractor console window. Closed that window and went to that folder. Doubled clicked the game and gets ONCE AGAIN the error 'Data file too short 'vbs2\addons\anims.xbo'.

VBS2 US Army Lite

Then I started thinking... maybe the files from the setup and the files from the 7zip parts must be together inside the same folder... so I tried all the procedure again, but putting then on the same folder... double clicked the game and... guess what... the same error 'Data file too short 'vbs2\addons\anims.xbo'. Conclusion: This JCOVE game doesnt work or is corrupted. Next...

VBS2 lite is more like a really full featured demo. More of interest to those of us who played OFP/Arma/Arma II and were always curious about VBS2 but couldn't justify the cost.The lack of online play alone would have relegated VBS2 Lite to a limited number of fans.

Working with VBS2 (lite and full versions) on a daily basis, I would to comfort everyone who has been unable to play them that they are not missing out on very much at all. This is particularly true if you had any aspirations of designing and developing scenarios. The AI is moronic, there is absolutely NO reliable scripting manual, and as far as "realistic" weapon performance --- don't worry about it. AI-controlled characters run through walls in VBS2. How realistic is that? (Maybe so the Army can train to fight monks from the Shaolin Temple or something...I dunno.) I have not played the Arma games, but they could only be better.


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